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The Ranch Echo Cab-Hi Truck Top comes with
these standard features:

  • “Unibody” Molded and Rolled Fiberglass Base Rail
  • 3 Year Limited Paint / Structure Warranty
  • Aluminum Framed Front Picture Window
  • Aluminum Framed Solid Side Windows
  • Axalta Automotive Paint
  • Black Powder Coated Hardware
  • Dual T-Handle Rear Door
  • LED Third Brake Light
  • Tri-Cel Honey Comb Reinforced Roof
  • Trimless Edges
Ranch Echo Cab-Hi Truck Top and Caps

The Ranch Echo model is the leading economy line truck topper on the truck canopy and cover market. This cab-hi model was designed to meet an affordable price point while still offering the basic necessities a truck top should offer. The Echo is very comparable to the Sierra model without as many standard features and a minimal warranty. The Echo comes standard with framed front and side solid (non vent) window configurations and an LED brake light above the rear door. This model is backed by a 3 year warranty against manufactures defective as opposed to limited lifetime warranty the rest of the Ranch line offers. You do have the choice to add options to the Echo model; ask your authorized Ranch dealer for more details. The Echo truck top also includes a great fit, Dupont paint, "unibody" molded and rolled fiberglass base rails, a double T rear door, recessed LED brake light above the rear door, tight seal, tri-cell reinforced roof, and trimeless design edges. This is for the budget minded customers who does not necessary need standard features that come on the Sierra model.

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